Leasing services

Leasing is a financing service, intended for purchase of equipment, means of transport, construction and agricultural machines.

Types of leasing

Financial leasing is a type of leasing, when a client within the lease term pays the entire price of the property acquisition, interest and VAT and after expiry of the lease term becomes the owner of the property. Most often financial leasing is a long-term transaction. The leased property is included in a client’s balance-sheet and client calculates its deterioration.

Operational leasing is a lease transaction, when leasing company acquires the property requested by a client and transfers it to a client for use until the set out term. Client pays the lease contributions within contract period and after expiry of the contract the client may choose from: returning the property to leasing company, extending the lease contract or concluding contract for a new property.

Advantages of choosing leasing

  • Simple, fast and convenient way of financing;
  • No additional deposit required – the property itself is the guarantee;
  • Flexibility – you can choose leasing conditions according to your financial possibilities – convenient payment schedule, period and initial instalment;
  • Possibility to use the property prior to paying its entire price – not waiting until accumulation of the entire amount.

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